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Between pouring rain, hail and powerful winds, Texas storms can be extremely hard on roofs!

Unfortunately, every storm also blows in “storm chasers,” unscrupulous contractors trying to take advantage of homeowners who are anxious to get repairs made quickly.

You might see them driving around your neighborhood, knocking on your door and stopping you outside your home. Be aware that many of these individuals are from out of town and are here to take advantage of the situation.

Don’t be a victim. Educate yourself and avoid making a hasty decision. Take your time and research the company you are trusting with your home.

We are San Antonio’s Hail and Wind Damage Experts.

Follow these tips to avoid contractor scams if a hailstorm has affected your area:

  1. Choose a reputable local company. Many storm chasers roofing contractors are “here today and gone tomorrow.” They come from other cities and states, (temporarily) to profit off a community after a storm. Once they are done, they’re gone. The problem is these companies provide subpar workmanship with little concern for quality. They won’t come back to provide warranty services if you should have any issues. In addition, some “storm chaser” roofing companies will leave without paying the local roofing supply companies, leaving you liable for material payment even though you already paid the out-of-town contractor. Beware of contractors with only out-of-town references or who solicit door-to-door. If you suspect your roof is damaged, call a reputable local roofing contractor for a free inspection.
  2. Contact your roofing contractor before your insurance company. If you live in an area affected by a hail storm, contact a local roofing contractor for a free inspection before contacting your insurance company. A roofer will thoroughly assess any damage and help file your claim properly to meet your insurer’s requirements and ensure that all necessary repairs are included. This also helps keep your insurance premiums as low as possible by avoiding unnecessary claims.
  3. Do not pay any money up front. Pay only when the job is complete.
  4. Get it in writing. Unfortunately, we live in a time when verbal agreements and promises have been misused. Make sure the roofing contractor provides you a written agreement with all the details and costs. Estimates should be on company letterhead with clear (and preferably local) contact information.
  5. Never sign a contract with blanks on it. A professional company will offer you a complete contract with all details and costs specified.
  6. Avoid insurance fraud. If a roofing contractor offers you a “free roof,” offers to waive, rebate or absorb the cost of your deductible, watch out! You could be involved in an insurance fraud scheme. After a major storm, some scam artists offer to waive or absorb the homeowner’s insurance deductible. The contractor then cuts corners, uses lower quality products, and inflates the bill sent to the insurance company to cover the difference. Effective May 2019, per HB2102, it is against Texas law for a roofing contractor to waive a homeowner’s insurance deductible.
  7. Do your homework. Make sure your roofing contractor is locally licensed and insured. Call and verify that the information provided is accurate and up to date. Ask questions and get to know your roofing representative. You should know the person you are trusting with your home and business and know that they’ll be around if any issues arise.

If you suspect that a storm has possibly damaged your roof, call SoTex Roofing & Exteriors first — even before you contact your insurance company. We offer a free inspection and give you a professional assessment so you can make the right decision for your home and budget. If damage has occurred, we also offer comprehensive insurance claim assistance.

SoTex Roofing & Exteriors is a locally owned and operated, licensed, insured roofing company serving San Antonio and the surrounding area.

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