Questions & Answers

Our goal is to educate clients so they can make informed decisions about their home’s exterior. Here are some of the questions we’re often asked:

Do I need to get my roof inspected?

It’s probably a good idea, especially if your roof is more than a few years old, if you live in an area that has recently experienced high winds or hail storms, or if you suspect that your roof may be damaged. At SoTex Exteriors we offer free inspections. If we find any damage or if your roof needs replacement, we’ll show you why and explain your options.

How much is a roof inspection?

SoTex Exteriors offers free roof inspections. We’ll look at your roof and thoroughly check it for any signs of weathering, broken seals or other damage. We’ll show you pictures of what we find and provide our expert recommendations and estimates for any necessary repairs.

A storm may have damaged my roof. Should I call my insurance company first?

Actually, you are much better off contacting a reputable local roofing company first. A knowledgeable roofing expert will be able to assess the condition of your roof and let you know if it’s worth filing a claim (minimizing the number of claims you make on your homeowners policy is one way to help keep your premiums low). Your roofing contractor will present you with options, whether a repair or a replacement is needed. When you work with the insurance experts at SoTex Exteriors, we will manage every aspect of your insurance claim, including meeting with your adjuster, to get your work covered to the fullest extent possible. Make SoTex Exteriors your first call after a weather event for a free inspection: 210-858-8880.

Do you install solar panels?

SoTex Exteriors doesn’t install solar panels. However if we are replacing your roof, we will be there to meet with the installation company, make sure the panel placement is appropriate and not in a weak area that could cause a leak over time. We’ll also check after installation to ensure that all attachments are properly sealed at no additional cost. 

Call 210-858-8880 for additional detals.

How soon can you come out?

A member of our team can usually inspect your home within a week (sometimes sooner!).

Which shingle is best?

The best shingle is the one that fits your budget, your needs and your preferences. At SoTex Exteriors, we’ll guide you through your options and help you make the best decision for your home. Read more about your options here and check out pictures from our gallery.

Is your work covered by a warranty?

Our roof products are covered by TWO warranties – the manufacturer’s warranty that comes with the products we install and SoTex Exteriors workmanship warranty. SoTex Exteriors is committed to using the best products available for our customers, as well as staying trained and up-to-date on installing those products. In addition, our roof replacements are backed by our 5-10 year workmanship warranty. If any problems arise from our workmanship, we’ll fix it.

If you have other questions, call us at 210-858-8880 or fill out the form below!

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